Department of Pharmacy, Noakhali Science and Technology University (NSTU) began its journey in 2006 under the Faculty of Science. Our undergraduate and postgraduate programs provide a broad knowledge of theoretical and empirical aspects of pharmaceutical sciences. The department offers a dynamic field of study and research, which help to ensure quality drugs and contribute to the health sector.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create pharmaceutical sciences leaders through cross-cutting research, scholarly enquiry, and development of new knowledge.

Our Mission

The mission is to build up professional experts on drugs to meet the challenges of producing global standard pharmacists to contribute total health care systems.

Principal Objectives of the Program

  1. To provide an educational environment that enables the students to acquire the behavioral, moral and ethical attitudes they will need for the competent practice of their profession both nationally and globally.
  2. To prepare students for the practice of Pharmacy by providing them substantial theoretical background for identification, formulation, preparation, standardization, quality control and uses of drugs and medicines and effective management of their distribution & sale.
  3. To produce skilled human resources to manage the affairs of hospital pharmacies, pharmaceutical industries, community pharmacy services, drug quality control organizations, drug research, marketing, sales & administration.

Intended Learning Outcomes of the Department

The graduates would be able to —

  1. Demonstrate a substantial knowledge and understanding of the core aspects of Pharmaceutical Science.
  2. Apply the theoretical insights and methods of inquiry from their field of study in considering issues and problems in other pharmacy related contexts.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of professional and ethical responsibilities. They will retrieve, evaluate, and apply current drug information in the delivery of pharmaceutical care and ensure safe and accurate preparation and dispensing of medications.
  4. Demonstrate the impact of pharmacy knowledge on the society and also will be aware of modern issues. They will create awareness of healthcare issues through interactions with others and will gain a sense of self-respect towards community and citizenship.
  5. Demonstrate a high-level of understanding of the key stages in drug discovery, development, and commercialization.
  6. Engage themselves in pharmacy practices like pharmaceutical manufacturing, marketing, quality control, regulatory affairs, research & development, clinical and hospital pharmacy, community pharmacy, etc. in Bangladesh and abroad.
  7. Handle laboratory instruments and animals, and follow technical protocols with safety.
  8. Master the fundamental concepts in the discipline of their interest in pharmaceutical sciences. They will demonstrate these skills to use modern pharmaceutical tools, software, and equipment to analyze & solve problems.

NSTU Pharmacy at a Glance

At present, this Department has 21 qualified and experienced academic and eight non-academic staffs, two well-equipped research laboratories and two common laboratory, three classrooms, 376 students and one seminar library with 1023 books and 200 journals.

Approximately 500 papers in the field of pharmacology, clinical pharmacy, pharmacogenomics, phytochemistry, and pharmaceutical technology have been published in national and international journals since the inception of the department.

Faculty members are now running several projects by research grants from the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Department establishment date : 22 June 2006
Programs started B. Pharm. : 22 June 2006
M. Pharm : 22 June 2010
Awarded degrees B. Pharm. : Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm.)
M. Pharm : Master of Pharmacy (M. Pharm.)
Students B. Pharm. Local : 328
Foreign : 01
M. Pharm Local : 48
Academic staffs : 21
Teacher-student ratio : 1:18
Number of research laboratory : 02
Number of laboratories : 03
Non-academic staff Number of office staffs : 05
Number of lab technical officer

Lab attendant

: 02

: 01

Number of alumni : 257
Job Placement : 100%


The Department offers undergraduate, professional and post-graduate programs, respectively towards Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm) from 2005-2006 to 2014-2015 and Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm) Professional from 2015-2016 and Master of Pharmacy (M.Pharm) degree in Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology since 2011. Each student has to have at least 70% class attendance for appearing at the semester final examination of the concerned course.

Number of Graduates and Post-graduates in B. Pharm and M. Pharm

Education year/ Session Number of students
(B. Pharm)
Education year/ Session Number of students
(M. Pharm)
2005-2006 45 2009-10 28
2006-2007 45 2010-11 38
2007-2008 41 2011-12 34
2008-2009 43 2012-13 32
2009-2010 47 2013-14 37
2010-2011 39 2014-15 31
2011-2012 45
Total 305 Total 200

Current Student

Degree Semester (Year/Term) Education year/ Session Number of students
B. Pharm 4/2 2012-13 56
4/2 2013-14 56
3/2 2014-15 57
3/1 2015-16 47
2/1 2016-17 55
1/1 2017-18 57
M. Pharm 1/2 2015-16 48


Physical Facilities

The department has three multimedia class rooms with average 50 seats in each, three equipped laboratories for research and undergraduate practical classes (Microbiology laboratory, Organic & Inorganic pharmacy laboratory and Pharmacogenomics laboratory), one animal house and one instrument room, one office room, a seminar library containing pharmacy related books (1023) and journals (120), 5 teachers’ room including chairman office cum teachers’ meeting room. The department consists of 16 academic staffs (in workstation) and more than 350 students. There are four toilets for male students, one toilet for female students and one toilet for teachers and staffs.