Noakhali Science & Technology University

Department of Pharmacy
Faculty of Science

Vision and Mission of NSTU Pharma


Pharmacists are called ‘medications expert’. With the development of medical science, the importance of pharmacy education is reasonably increasing to ensure proper health safety. Today, pharmacy is of high priority choice that covers high prestigious profession. We have managed our destination bearing the theme ‘we are for humanity’ and walking to our own designed way to make an uncountable patients smile.

Our mission is to prepare pharmacists to provide optimal pharmaceutical care, and to prepare graduate and postgraduate students for leadership in teaching, research, practice and service. The department generates and disseminates knowledge to promote safe, clinically effective, and cost-efficient use of medications. Thus being an integral member of the healthcare team responsible for the outcomes associated with the medication use process.

Our Vision is to be recognized nationally and internationally as an absolute leader in pharmacy education and research that focuses on appropriate use of and access to pharmaceuticals and medical devices, as well as cost-effective provision and delivery of pharmaceutical care.

As a part and to materialize our vision we have undertaken the following goals:

  • Recognizing that the pharmacists are our most important resource.
  • Contributing to and accepting responsibility for optimal therapeutic outcomes including promoting wellness.
  • Fostering an environment that promotes the safe, efficacious, and cost-effective use of medications.
  • Improving the medication use process to enhance continuity of care.
  • Making sound decisions supported by evidence based medicine through research on medication use and patient safety.
  • Developing and conducting research to improve the safety and efficiency of the medication use system.
  • Utilizing research methods to identify the most cost effective use of medications.
  • Initiating and supporting interdisciplinary collaborative research.
  • To improve patient outcomes and provide the highest standards of pharmaceutical care.
  • To promote research to improve patient outcomes and the efficiency of care.
  • To expand and promote excellence in pharmacy education.
  • To build up an ideal person, combining morality with professionalism.


In fine, we are hopeful of our success in the way to our destination. Last but not the least, we believe to be a good Person first as well as a good Pharmacist.

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