The academic council set the entry qualification for the different faculties of  undergraduate programmes by a general meeting of academic council before the admission test of each seesion. Faculty of sciences comprises eleven departments including pharmacy. The minimum total GPA for the entry qualification of faculty of science is 6.5 whereas the students must have GPA ≥3.5  for SSC or equivalent exams and  GPA ≥3.0 for HSC or equivalent exams. However, any students having grade “C” in HSC or equivalent exams considered disqualified for the admission.

For the GCE students must have pass marks for at least five subjects in “O” level that shuld contain Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology, and at least two subjects from Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology are mandatory for “A” level exam. Any students having grade point “C” in any subject of “O” level or “A” level considered ineligible.

Every student met the above criteria should sit for a very competitive admission examination. The exam is so competitive that 50+ students fight for one seat approximately. Students with B.Pharm degree from this University can directly get admitted in the M.Pharm program. However first half of the students on the basis of merit of B.Pharm result get the opportunity for thesis in M.Pharm. Graduates from any Bangladeshi Public Univeristies are eligibile to apply for the gradute program.

We are highly encouraging foreign students to get admission in our institution. Students outside the country should consult with the department or the univeristy to verify the certificate and academic transcripts. There might have no written examination but a simple viva-voce in this case.

Admission time: for undergraduate admission keep your eyes on our website from October to December of every year and for graduate admission please contact with the department office.