Noakhali Science & Technology University

Department of Pharmacy
Faculty of Science

1. Formulation and Quality Determination of Indapamide Matrix Tablet: A Thiazide Type Antihypertensive Drug

2. In vivo analgesic, antipyretic, and anti-inflammatory potential in Swiss albino mice and in vitro thrombolytic activity of hydroalcoholic extract from Litsea glutinosa leaves

3. In vivo antipyretic, antiemetic, in vitro membrane stabilization, antimicrobial, and cytotoxic activities of different extracts from Spilanthes paniculata leaves

4. Investigation of total phenolic content and antioxidant activities of Azadirachta indica roots 

5. Prevalence of Iron-deficiency Anaemia among University Students in Noakhali Region, Bangladesh

6. Comparative Phytochemical Screening and In vitro Evaluation of Biological Activities between Aqueous and Ethanolic Extract of Momordica charantia L. Fruits

7. Evaluation of antibacterial and anthelmintic activities with total phenolic contents of Piper betel leaves

8. Evaluation of In vitro Anthelmintic Activity, Total Phenolic Content and Cytotoxic Activity of Crinum latifolium L.(Family: Amaryllidaceae)

9. Susceptibility of microorganism to selected medicinal plants in Bangladesh

10. A comparative overview on good fats and bad fats: guide to control healthy body

11. Phytochemical screening and study of antioxidant and analgesic potentials of ethanolic extract of Stephania japonica Linn

12. Evaluation of Serum Lipid Profile in Patients with Hypertension Living in a Coastal Region of Bangladesh

13.  Phytochemical and in vitro biological investigations of methanolic extracts of Enhydra fluctuans Lour

14. Evaluation of thrombolytic potential of three medicinal plants available in Bangladesh, as a potent source of thrombolytic compounds

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