Department of Pharmacy, NSTU always consider best department among all of the department of NSTU. This is not only for academic reasons, but also the relation between teachers and students, is well known all over the campus. The whole department is known as a “PHARMA FAMILY”.

All the academic and non-academic supports are taken care by the members of this family, whenever they need. Therefore, NSTU campus more specifically Pharmacy department is free from any type of eve teasing, sexual harassment, religious offense, violent activity and smoking at public place as well.  From the beginning of department, an academic staff appointed as a course coordinator for each batch. He/She is always considered a guardian for these students and responsible to teach them the rules and regulation of this department.  Head of the department and all other faculty member are also very cordial in this issue.

Moreover, in 2015, a central “Student Advisor and Counseling Committee” has been established, where an academic staff from this department serves as an advisor. Hope this initiative improves the counseling/advising service.

Co-curricular & Extra-curricular Activities:

At University level education, students get opportunity to practice both academic and non-academic activities together. These non-academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities plays very important role to develop professional and leadership skills. That’s why at this stage, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are considered as a key part of a student life.

From the very beginning, Pharmacy department always support and motivate the students to participate such activities. Survey data clearly reflects this statement. Co-curricular and extra- curricular activities mainly include: Cultural activities, Sports (both inter department and intra department), Debate, Academic fair, Cultural fair, National days’ celebration with social work, Special professional days celebration with professional activities like workshop, seminar, poster presentation, Study tour etc. To encourage the student, along with young faculty members, senior professors also participate in different intradepartmental sports. That’s why department of Pharmacy several time champion in different inter-department tournaments.

This department have very good tradition to organize yearly picnic and formal student events for like freshers’ reception, farewell programs. Apart from these activities, our students are very proud active member of, University musical band group, Photography society, different student associations. Moreover, recently different field trip, industrial visit and hospital internship along with industrial internship incorporate in to the syllabus. We believe these activities also improve their both academic and no academic skills.

Financial Support for Students

Currently no financial support is provided to the students from department. Few scholarships are available from university in a limited scale.